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about us

Roth Ecological Design International (REDI) is a leader in strategic water planning and green infrastructure design. We provide innovative and integrated solutions that address the global challenges of the 21st century to manage both water quality and quantity.  Our mission is to (re)connect developments to sustainable water management practices that biomimic the natural hydrology, enhance resiliency and are regenerative by design. To do so, we evaluate the hydrological, ecological and cultural history of the project area as well as current climate impacts to determine appropriate solutions for development that support water security, diversification of water supplies, pollution prevention, and development of climate adaption strategies.  For site-specific projects, REDI often serves the role as a bridge between the project civil engineers and landscape architects to integrate sustainable water practices and green infrastructure into the design.   Our goal is to provide a platform of solutions that produce rather than reduce water resources to restore water quality and build resiliency. 

REDI is a Woman-Owned Small Business serving as an integrative planning, design, and consultancy firm that provides comprehensive water strategies, policies, systems thinking and educational and ecological experiences for new or existing development projects including:

  • strategic water planning 

  • development of water portfolios

  • building ecological / water capital

  • water audits

  • design / engineering / build / operate

    • green (water) infrastructure

    • low impact development (LID)

    • onsite wastewater treatment & reuse

    • ecological water features/ponds

    • restoration / regeneration

    • comprehensive water development (net-zero water)

  • Green Infrastructure Training (NGICP)​


short educational film on green (water) infrastructure

discusses the importance and challenges of water conservation and sustainability.

"Eco-logical:  Design Inspired by Nature"  TEDx Maui

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Voice of the Sea: Wai Maoli

Episode 4:  Waltah and Kimo meet Lauren Roth Venu at the Green Machine

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Voice of the Sea: Water Reuse

education & community engagement

REDI strives to engage local communities to build capacity towards sustainable water management. REDI developed the Follow the Drop educational program, including a mobile app, to inspire both the current and next generation of water stewards to implement solutions that prevent pollution and build water security.   Contact us for more information!

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