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Roth Ecological was selected by Redfin as a top Honolulu, HI rain garden expert. See the Redfin article we were featured in: What is a Rain Garden and Should You Plant One in Your Yard?

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Voice of the Sea: Wai Maoli

SOEST/ University of Hawai’i Sea Grant


2020 Silver Telly Winner in Television: Public Interest/Awareness

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Voice of the Sea: Water Reuse

SOEST/ University of Hawai’i Sea Grant


2020 Bronze Telly Winner in Television: Social Impact 

The Apocalypse Issue

Anna Harmon June 2015


“Waste is food for living things,”

Perpetuating Water

Jacob Kamhis February 2015


“Water is not a finite resource, it’s just disappearing from where we find it today.”

Chapter 5:  Ecological Design for Island Water Systems

Author:  Lauren Roth Venu April 2015


Hawaii's first academically reviewed sustainability textbook.  Chapter 5 discusses water infrastructure in a global to local context and applications of ecologically engineered technologies in Hawaii.


PBN’s Forty Under 40 Class of 2014

A. Kam Napier May 2014


The following 40 professionals, all under the age of 40, are excelling in both their professions and in the community, all around the state.

Harvesting Water:  The Fresh Take

Andrew Charles March 2010


Blue + Yellow = Green

Hawaii Hospitality:  The Green Way

Bryce Sprecher July/August 2010


One promising approach to attaining (sustainability) is to mimic how nature purifies and recycles water... 

Cornell Sustainability Roundtable: In Search of the “Green Bullet” to Aid in Green Hotel Efforts

Melissa Carlisle November 2009



Conflicting demands and fear of “greenwashing” inhibit hotels’ efforts toward sustainable operation

Water Resource Sustainability Conference Conducted in Honolulu

Wayne Yoshioka November 2007


A Water Resource Sustainability Conference is being hosted by the University of Hawai’i at Manoa

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