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stormwater treatment


Stormwater runoff can contain a variety of harmful pollutants such as heavy metals, fertilizers, herbicides, paint, fuel, oil, along with inorganic and organic debris and dust. REDI deploys various natural systems technologies to clean these waters before they can damage wildlife habitat and human health. In addition, certain technologies can allow for water percolation of clean water back into the ground to recharge precious water supplies. The stormwater technologies REDI designs/engineers are technologies the US EPA acknowledges as Low Impact Development (LID) Best Management Practices (BMPs) and can be part of a comprehensive stormwater design plan to acquire MS4 and NPDES permits. Technologies include surface flow and gravel wetlands, Restorers (floating wetland islands), rain gardens,  bioswales and other bioretention systems and rainwater catchment. 

REDI deploys the following LID systems:  
  • bioswales

  • green roofs

  • rain gardens

  • bioretention systems

  • constructed wetlands

  • permeable pavement

  • rainwater & stormwater catchment

bioretention/rain gardens
permeable pavement
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