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Wastewater Treatment/Constructed Wetlands

Wastewater is just water being wasted.  REDI deploys a variety of natural systems technologies to meet secondary or tertiary treatment standards, converting the liability into clean water resource that can be reused.   The constructed wetland technologies are recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency as being an ideal solution to wastewater treatment due to their low energy needs, natural appearance, and lack of odors.


Greywater is a type of wastewater that essentially encompasses all types of wastewater except those that come from industrial uses, toilets, and kitchen sinks.  REDI provides its clients with opportunities to capture and treat this resource onsite for reuse to replace potable water demands.   

Recycled water

Recycled water is the product of secondary and/or tertiary treated wastewater.  The use of recycled water is a sustainable practice to maximize efficient use of water resources.  REDI provides recycled water planning, design and permitting for its clients. 


Stormwater runoff often contains a variety of harmful pollutants such as heavy metals, fertilizers, herbicides, paint, fuel, oil, along with inorganic and organic debris and dust. REDI deploys various Low Impact Development (LID) strategies for developments to manage stormwater onsite to meet pre-development site conditions.

Water Features

Wetland technologies can serve as landscaped, living filters for commercial water features, natural swimming pools or other ecological waterways and canals to maintain high water quality, build habitat and/or meet aesthetic standards. 

Net-Zero Water

Net Zero Water = Balancing a development’s annual water demand though efficient use, capture, and reuse of water resources.  REDI undergoes comprehensive water planning and design for its clients to meet this rigorous challenge.  Net-Zero Water is a prerequisite for any building seeking the prestigious Living Building Challenge.  

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